Korean media: South Korea Congress recommended prime minister candidates Park will be immediately appointed

Congress recommended the prime minister after the election
BEIJING, Jan. 9 (Xinhuanet) - The president of the Korean presidential office, Pei Shengli, who is responsible for propaganda at the Korean government, said at the Cheong Wa Dae to the media on 9th that Congress will be appointed immediately after the presidential election. " Pu Gui-hui has made a statement to the congressman, Ding Shibeng, who asked Congress to recommend the prime minister's position the day before yesterday. Pei Shengli explained that the president will ensure that the Prime Minister can fully exercise the command of the Cabinet, drew the appointment of members and the proposed discharge of the duties of the cabinet, and called on Congress as soon as possible to recommend candidates to stabilize the political situation, to ride out the storm. Pei Shengli said that in order to overcome the crisis facing the country, the presidential palace lowered the attitude of humble earnestly asked the opposition party to cooperate. In addition, the South Korean opposition party also asked to grant the right to appoint the Prime Minister, another president of the Office of the staff said that in the current situation, as long as the Prime Minister to protect the government in accordance with the constitution, and recommend excellent cabinet candidates, the President had to consult with him The The staff stressed that the president is really willing to join forces with the parties to administer the government, especially the acceptance of opposition parties. The staff also pointed out that the president will soon lead the talks with the opposition party leader. Asked the politician to ask the president to quit the voice of the ruling party, the staff said that inconvenience to answer.

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